Upgrade to a new air conditioner and cut your energy costs

Are your AC repairs frequent and costing you too much? Are your energy costs out-of-control? Look for new AC energy savings this summer season by upgrading to a new air conditioner.

Bob’s Heating and Air Conditioning Services has been in the HVAC business since 1965. We can answer all your questions and take care of your needs, from free in-home estimates on installs to AC maintenance, helping you save on your cooling bill.

If your summer energy costs have been spiking, it might be time to call Bob's and have our team provide you with a free in-home estimate on a new air conditioner.

Important things to know about your AC system and energy savings

Air conditioners make up half of the energy consumption in the United States in the summer, and they release 100 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year, according to research by the Rocky Mountain Institute. If your air conditioner makes loud hissing, grinding or musical sounds, it needs attention, or it may just be too old.

The current minimum standard for ACs is a SEER rating of 13. SEER is short for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it signifies how cooling efficient an air conditioner is. The higher the number, the greater the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The efficiency of your air conditioner is also a function of the size appropriate to your home and the ductwork. During your free consultation for a new AC, our technicians will determine the correct size for your unit and give you an upfront and honest price estimate.

Our technicians are NATE-certified and they manage all types of installations.  We are certified dealers of Trane and Carrier systems, which offer reliable high performance with the following specifications:

  • The Carrier systems offer a SEER rating over 20.
  • The SEER number of Trane air conditioners varies from 14.5 to 22.

An AC tune-up can help you avoid surprise energy costs

Prevention is better and cheaper than the cure, whether it is your well-being or the health of your AC. Maintaining your AC with the help of a certified HVAC contractor will not only prolong its life and bring energy savings, but also prevent sudden and costly breakdowns in the middle of peak season.

Our specialists tune up all makes and models. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We offer financing with approved credit. Are you ready to get started? Contact us online today and your satisfaction will be 100% guaranteed.

Here are some reasons to upgrade to a new AC system

On the fence about upgrading to a new AC system? In this blog, we’re going to focus on the benefits of replacing your old air conditioner with a new model, professionally installed by the team at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning. From greater reliability to improved energy-efficiency, there’s a number of reasons to make the switch!

Here are some reasons to consider upgrading to a new AC system

#1. Get better system reliability this summer

If your old air conditioner constantly needed repairs last summer, you need to think about whether or not that hassle, time, and money is worth it for this summer.

A new AC system is a big investment. However, if you’re slowly bleeding money in repairs over the course of several summers, you may find that making the switch is less expensive than you might think.

#2. Improve your home’s comfort

Summers here in South Louisiana are hot and humid. We all know it. If your air conditioner is struggling to keep up with the cooling needs of your home, it’s time to make the switch. After all, the only reason you have an HVAC system is for comfort; if your AC isn’t getting it done, what is it doing for your home?

Bob’s installs a variety of advanced AC units designed and manufactured by Carrier and Trane—two of the most-trusted names in indoor summer comfort. If comfort is your goal, we’re the team to call.

#3. Boost your home’s value

If you’re looking to make a common-sense investment in your home that boosts your home’s value, consider a new air conditioner. Replacing your old, failing air conditioner with a new model not only puts additional value into your home, but also increases the curb appeal of your home if you decide to sell in the next decade.

Here’s another way to think about it: very few buyers—after paying closing costs and their downpayment—are going to be enthusiastic about having to replace an air conditioner right after move-in. If their home inspection reveals that your AC system is on death’s door, they’ll probably make for the door.

More buyers, better offers, and a higher appraisal: these are just some of the probable secondary benefits of having Bob’s replace your old air conditioner with a brand-new Carrier or Trane system.

#4. Save money with better energy-efficiency

As they age past the decade or two decade mark, air conditioners become less efficient because of the accumulated wear-and-tear. However, they’re also falling behind for another reason: the air conditioners manufactured today are far more energy-efficient than those installed 20 years ago.

By switching to a new air conditioner, professionally installed by the team at Bob’s, you’ll not only get the efficiency that comes with a brand-new system, but you’ll also benefit from the efficiency that comes with a system designed and manufactured in 2018.

Think about just how much use your air conditioner sees in the summers. Then, multiply that over the course of 20 summers. A new air conditioner can mean big energy savings for years to come. It’s one of the best reasons to upgrade to a new AC system.

Call Bob’s to learn more about upgrading to a new AC system

If you’re ready to make the switch from your old air conditioner to a new AC system, give Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning a call (CONTACT US) to schedule your free in-home estimate on a new Carrier or Trane system. This estimate will allow us to take the measurements needed to match the right air conditioner to your home’s cooling needs.

Schedule your AC tune-up this spring with our team

What was the last time a professional technician inspected your air conditioner? It’s spring, and that means it’s AC maintenance season. Before the summer heat arrives, call us to schedule your AC tune-up!

In this blog, we’ll run through the benefits of having Bob’s check your system.

#1. Lower your energy bills

Here in South Louisiana, summer energy bills are a big point of stress for many families. After all, your air conditioner uses a large percentage of your family’s energy in the hottest months of the year. What if there was a way to lower those energy bills?

Good news: there is! Schedule your AC tune-up with the team at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning. An air conditioning tune-up makes your system more energy-efficient, lowering your energy bills and saving you money.

In fact, some homeowners can completely cover the cost of the tune-up, just through these improvements in their efficiency! Of course, that’s in addition to the other benefits of maintenance. Let’s get into those:

#2. Help prevent breakdowns

Without a regular checkup from a professional HVAC technician, your air conditioner is more likely to breakdown over the summer. It makes sense: your air conditioner is a mechanical device. If you stopped taking your car in for oil changes, it, too, would inevitably have some problems.

During a tune-up, our technicians inspect your system to identify any problems, fixing small issues before they become major breaking points for the system. This, in turn, helps reduce the risk of a breakdown for your system.

AC repair isn’t just a “dollars” issue. Having your system breakdown can also be a stressful experience for you and your family, especially when it’s hot and humid out. An AC tune-up can help reduce the chances of having to go through that this summer.

#3. Extend your system’s lifespan

Nothing lasts forever… but, your air conditioner will be more likely to live longer with some regular upkeep and care. An expertly maintained air conditioner has parts that last longer, and—overall—it’s more efficient in its second decade of life.

There’s another benefit: many manufacturers put clauses in their system warranties that require you to schedule annual maintenance in order to keep the warranty intact. It’s just another benefit to having the team at Bob’s regularly look at your system.

Call Bob’s to schedule your AC tune-up

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you need an air conditioning checkup, this spring is the time to “spring” into action.

Call the professional and friendly techs at Bob’s. We’ll send a technician out to inspect and tune up your system.

Is it time to install a new furnace? Here are 5 benefits to upgrading

What was once new eventually becomes old. That’s certainly the case for your furnace. It may have been brand-new 15-20 years ago, but now it’s ready to be replaced. It’s time to install a new furnace. In this blog, we’ll run through the benefits of making the switch and calling Bob’s for new furnace installation.

5 reasons a new furnace is a good idea

Why not keep your older furnace? You will face frequent breakdowns, need furnace repair more often, and see increased bills with an older furnace. Also, ditching the old system has many perks. From greater efficiency to increased comfort, here are five benefits of upgrading to a new furnace in Louisiana.

1. Improved energy-efficiency

The latest furnaces are more energy-efficient than systems that were built a decade ago. They use less energy and are more efficient in heating the room. Newer systems have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of more than 90 percent. The higher rating means that the furnace costs less to operate, resulting in lower energy bills.

2. New furnace + programmable thermostat = big savings

Another perk of upgrading to a new furnace is that they’re compatible with programmable thermostats. These thermostats can be programmed to set temperatures automatically. You can program them to set temperatures according to the usage during different times of the day.

For instance, you can set the furnace temperature to be lower when no one is inside the house. Also, you can set different zones in your home. This will provide you with greater control over the temperature—and your heating bills.

Aside from a more comfortable home, pairing a programmable thermostat with a new heating system will result in much lower energy bills. You can save up to hundreds of dollars annually.

3. Get optimal comfort for you and your family

Modern furnaces feature variable-speed technology. Unlike the traditional fixed-speed technology, the technology in modern furnaces is more efficient in heating the rooms. They can generate more consistent warm air and maintain the temperature at a more constant level.

Also, modern furnaces provide superior humidity control. By upgrading to a new furnace, your home’s comfort will be improved.

4. Make your home safer

Newer furnaces also come with more advanced safety features. They are less likely to develop leaks. By virtue of being new, they’re also not going to have problems that older systems might, such as a cracked heat exchanger.

5. Feel confident with your furnace

Lastly, the perk of upgrading to a new furnace is that you will have to face fewer breakdowns. As a result, you can remain perfectly warm inside the house all throughout the winter.

The above are reasons enough why you should consider replacing your old furnace. Also, it’s important that you connect with a professional HVAC company for regular maintenance and repairs of the furnace.  This is important to increase the lifespan and reduce the chances of emergency breakdowns.

Install a new furnace by calling the team at Bob’s

In case you reside in Houma, Thibodaux, or Morgan City, or nearby areas in Louisiana, you can contact Bob’s. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who can provide you the right guidance when it comes to installing a new furnace.

5 signs your furnace needs repair from Bob’s this winter

What are the most important signs your furnace needs repair? Knowing what signals an impending problem could save you and your family a major headache this winter.

In this blog, we’ll review the things that can tip you off that something isn’t right with your furnace, so that you can call us at Bob’s for 24/7 emergency heating repair.

5 major signs your furnace needs repair

1. Your heating bills have been rising

An unusually high heating bill is a clear sign that your furnace requires repair. There are many reasons that can cause the energy bills to spike, from a broken part to the need for cleaning or dust buildup.

Either way, hire the professionals at Bob’s for a thorough inspection of the furnace. We’ll get the repairs done and your heating bills back down.

(By the way, to prevent heating problems ahead of the winter season, consider scheduling a fall furnace tune-up with our team!)

2. Your furnace is making strange noises

Strange noises coming out of the furnace is another indication of something wrong with your system. If your furnace rattles, bangs, or squeaks, you should get it checked by a professional.

An experienced technician will quickly determine the cause of the noise and perform the required repairs.

3. Your heating is not up to your standards

Insufficient heating is a clear sign of a furnace trouble. The problem can occur due to different reasons. However, most likely, it is due to a faulty blower fan or motor. Also, the problem can happen due to a problem with the pilot light or heat exchanger. A qualified technician will inspect the furnace to determine the problem and perform repairs.

4. Your air ducts are emitting dust and dirt

If you notice an unusual amount of dirt and dust coming out of the heat registers, it could be your furnace. Your system could be giving a sign that it is about to fail. A certified technician can inspect the furnace to find out the cause of the issue.

5. Your heat exchanger is cracked

A biggest risk with gas furnaces is a carbon monoxide gas leak. This gas is produced inside the combustion chamber of the furnace. A cracked heat exchanger can potentially leak carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is an extremely hazardous gas. It’s both colorless and odorless, and can be fatal for you and your family. If you suspect that your heat exchanger is cracked, turn off the heat and gas and then call Bob’s for 24/7 emergency repair.

Call the pros at Bob’s for 24/7 emergency repair

If you notice any of the signs your furnace needs repair listed above, you should immediately contact the experienced technicians at Bob’s for furnace repairs.

We’re proud to serve Morgan City, Thibodaux, Houma, and surrounding areas in Louisiana, and we offer professional repair and maintenance for all types of furnaces.

To get started, give us a call at (985) 384-0283 or contact us online.

Here’s the ideal thermostat setting for reduced energy bills

The Ideal Thermostat Setting for Reduced Energy Bills Today, a majority of homeowners are concerned about energy bills. Even though the gas prices have declined, overall energy prices in the United States have continued to climb upwards. It’s important to save energy however you can, and that includes by optimizing your thermostat.

You should set a temperature on the thermostat that provides the most cost efficiency as well as personal comfort. In this blog post, we will discuss the ideal thermostat setting that offers satisfactory comfort and reduce the energy bills.

What is the ideal temperature? (and according to who?)

For what it’s worth, the EPA suggests 78oF as the recommended thermostat setting. However, the fact is that the ideal thermostat setting varies from person-to-person. Some people feel hot even at 62.6oF while others tend to shiver at 83oF.

You must determine for yourself the ideal temperature setting for the household. Consider setting different temperatures and see which one makes everyone feel comfortable. Remember that you can save yourself about 10 percent on the annual energy bills by setting the temperature 10oF above the normal temperature setting for 8 hours in a day.

So, if your bill averages $210, you can cut the bill to $200 if you reduce the thermostat setting from the usual 68oF to 78oF. It is up to you to decide whether the savings in energy bills is worth the sacrifice in comfort by increasing the temperature.

Consider installing a programmable thermostat

Another effective way to cut the energy bills is by installing a programmable thermostat. This kind of thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature based on your settings. Depending on the comfort preference of the family, one idea is to program the thermostat to lower the temperature when sleeping, and then increase the temperature during the day.

Most programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature for up to five or more days. You can manually adjust the settings during any part of the day without overriding the programmed setting. Also, you should consider setting the temperature to above 80oF when everyone is away from home, unless you have pets who need a cooler home.

Schedule an air conditioning tune-up with Bob’s

On a final note, you should always have your air condition maintained by a professional air conditioner technician. A properly maintained air conditioner will operate efficiently without drawing additional power.

In case the air conditioner is not maintained properly, the system develops a fault. It strains to keep the rooms cool that spikes up the bill. To avoid this problem, it is important that you schedule a thorough check-up of the unit.

A professional air condition technician will inspect all critical components of the air conditioner and perform the necessary repairs. This will ensure that the system continues to perform efficiently resulting in optimum cooling.

Call Bob’s for more professional thermostat advice

In case you are a resident of Morgan City, Thibodaux, Houma, or the nearby areas in Louisiana,  you can contact Bob’s Heating and AC to schedule regular maintenance of your air conditioner.

Here are 5 signs you need a new furnace in your home

“Should I replace or repair my furnace?” This is a common question that comes into the minds of homeowners whenever their furnace breaks down. How you do you know what the signs are that you need a new furnace?

While replacing the furnace is an expensive option, but sometimes you will save more in the long run when you replace the old furnace with a new one. This is mainly because the new furnace will require fewer repairs and operate with increased energy efficiency.

So, how can you know whether you should replace or repair the home furnace? Here are 5 signs that show that you need to install a new furnace instead of repairing it if you want to save money in the long run.

1. Energy bills have increased

As the furnace gets older, it draws more power to generate the heat resulting in increased energy bills. If you are paying significantly more in energy bills as compared to the previous year but the rates and energy consumption have remained somewhat the same, you should consider installing a new furnace. Newer models perform at greater energy efficiency levels as compared to older models. Depending on the type of the new furnace, you may be able to save $50 to $100 in energy bills every year.

2. The heat exchanger is damaged

The heat exchanger is an important component of the furnace that helps in generating warm air. If cracks develop inside the exchanger, the furnace will not be able to heat up the air. Also, there is a risk that carbon monoxide may leak when the exchanger gets damaged posing a serious health hazard to the household. Replacing the heat exchanger could cost up to $2000. At that price, you can easily buy a modern energy efficient furnace for your home.

3. There’s a fault in the circuit board

The circuit board is another important component of the furnace. It controls a variety of complex processes and monitors operation of the furnace. A problem with the circuit board will make the furnace fan blower to run improperly creating noise and drawing more energy. Replacing the damaged circuit board can cost you around $500 to $1,000. You might be better off buying a new furnace instead of replacing the circuit board as it might save you more over time.

4. You have a faulty furnace motor

The warm air generated by the furnace is pushed throughout the home by the motor. If the motor gets damaged, the heated air won’t move throughout the home. Upgrading the furnace is a better option in such a situation as it will save you more in the long run as compared to replacing the motor.

5. There are strange sounds coming from the furnace

If you hear rattling, clanging, or another strange sound from the furnace, it could point to a major issue with the furnace. Of course, it may also mean that something is loose inside the furnace.

You should let a professional technician from Bob’s diagnose the system to find out the cause of the noise. If there is something seriously wrong with the furnace, it’s better that you install a new energy efficient furnace instead of repairing it.

Call Bob’s for more advice on buying a new furnace

If you want professional technicians for installation of a new furnace in southern Louisiana—including Morgan City, Houma, and Thibodaux—contact us at Bob’s Heating and AC.