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Prepare Your Heating System

Is Your Home's Heating System Ready for the Houma Winter?

Homeowners in Houma, Louisiana, rarely experience freezing temperatures. But that doesn’t mean heating isn’t essential to home comfort. If you want to maximize your energy usage and savings, it’s important to prepare your home and heating system for the winter months ahead. Here are three simple tasks every homeowner can complete:

Change the Filter

The filter in your heating system plays a significant role in maximizing efficiency and maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Therefore, it’s important that you check and change it regularly. A dirty filter will cause the heating system to work harder to heat your home. It’ll also allow particle pollutants to re-circulate in your home. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, change your filter every month. Otherwise, remember to change yours every three months.

Adjust the Ceiling Fans

Most homes in Houma have at least one ceiling fan, and for good reason. Ceiling fans do more than make a room look more appealing; they also reduce your HVAC system’s workload. In the winter, make sure your ceiling fan blades rotate in a clockwise direction. That way, they can redistribute the warm air that your heating system has produced after it has naturally risen toward the ceiling. Turn down your thermostat a few degrees for added energy savings.

Schedule Maintenance

Heating systems are complex pieces of HVAC equipment; it doesn’t matter if you own a heat pump or a furnace. To make sure that equipment operates at peak efficiency, it’s imperative that a professional inspect it at the start of every heating season. To avoid breakdowns and maximize energy savings this winter, schedule heating maintenance now.

Just because the temperatures in Houma are still warm doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing your heating system for winter. Contact Bob’s Heating and AC today at (985) 200-5471 to schedule your heating maintenance service. Our service technicians will ensure you’re maximizing energy usage and savings all winter.

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