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Avoid DIY HVAC Repair

4 Dangers of DIY HVAC Installations and Repairs

Installing a new HVAC system or repairing an existing one can be an expensive enterprise. It’s tempting to take the DIY route in your Metairie, Louisiana, home. However, unlike other home improvement projects you can undertake safely, HVAC work is best left to a licensed professional. It won’t only cost more if things go wrong but also put you at physical risk. Here are four dangers of DIY HVAC installations and repairs you should know about:

Personal Endangerment

It’s essential to have electrical training before you handle high-voltage electrical circuits. Otherwise, you might end up short-circuiting the HVAC system or electrocuting yourself. Working with an HVAC system also involves handling sharp-edged parts and refrigerant gas. You could get cuts or burns if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Legal Risks

Check U.S. Environmental Protection Administration regulations before attempting HVAC work. Unless you’re a licensed HVAC service technician, you cannot legally handle refrigerant gas, as it’s both a health and environmental hazard. You also won’t be able to buy parts or supplies from HVAC supply companies, and acquiring them elsewhere might be illegal. So, your DIY hack might lead to fines or other legal troubles.

Financial Repercussions

While the intent is to save money with DIY HVAC installations and repairs, the result could be the opposite if things go wrong. The cost of restoring or replacing a damaged HVAC system is likely to be excessive. It might even exceed what you would have spent if you had let a professional service technician handle the matter in the first place.

Warranty Loss

Most HVAC manufacturers offer warranties on their new HVAC systems, but only if you get professional servicing or repairs. Your warranty becomes void if you attempt DIY installations and repairs. The manufacturer won’t pay for subsequent repairs and component replacements.

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