Summer: when you hear the word, you may imagine sunshine, popsicles, or relaxing by the pool. You may also imagine hot, humid weather; sky-high energy bills; and the constant struggle of trying to keep cool. Instead of focusing on the negative side this summer, spend your energy making smart home choices that will keep you and your family cool in the months ahead.

Here are our best tips for staying cool this summer here in Louisiana. Call us for AC services!Louisiana summers require careful planning, especially if you plan to use your AC unit often. If you haven’t yet, schedule an AC tune-up with the team at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning before you get stuck on a hot day with no air conditioning. Read on to discover the five secrets to enjoying summer instead of dreading the southern sun.

5 secrets to making the most of your summer

  1. Get Outside: Summer wouldn’t be summer without a little outdoor activity! If you spend all day indoors, you’ll feel restless, and your AC will be working overtime. Visit a recreation center or swimming pool, check out the library or mall, or even plan a vacation! Some of the best days of your summer vacation may be spent outdoors.
  2. Protect Yourself: While you’re outside, keep sunscreen or sunblock on-hand. Apply sunscreen every 2 hours, and stay hydrated! It’s all-too-easy to forget to bring along a hat or sunglasses. Keep a summer bag inside your car, full of sunscreen, chapstick, water shoes, and anything else your family might need!
  3. Be Energy-Conscious: You don’t have to spend all day watching your thermostat, but you should stay on top of your AC usage and energy bill. Turn off any lights, electronics, or fans you aren’t using during the day. Set your thermostat to a higher temperature when you are away from home. Most importantly, make sure your air conditioner is functioning at any optimal level so you aren’t missing out on that extra cooling.
  4. Be Creative: Have more fun this summer by being creative, both with the activities you plan and the methods you use to take care of your home! Turn on floor fans instead of lowering your thermostat. Make homemade popsicles using fresh fruit. Use the early morning hours to run errands or play outside while the weather is still cool. These small but creative measures will help make your summer one to remember.
  5. Choose a reliable HVAC company: Have you ever endured a hot summer day without air conditioning? Avoid any AC problems by finding a trustworthy HVAC company you can call when things go wrong. Choose Bob’s Heating and Air Conditioning for all your AC repair needs! Our team will put you and your comfort first, no matter what. That way, if an emergency hits your home, you won’t have to wonder who to call or what to do. We’ll take care of you!

Tune-up, repair, or new installation?

Your AC unit may look fine from the outside, but there are many moving parts on the inside that you can’t see! Even if your home is receiving cool air, your AC unit may not be delivering it at its full capacity. That’s where our professionals come in. Our experienced technicians can tune up your air conditioner, check for damage, and diagnosis potential issues. At Bob’s, we typically perform tune-ups, repairs, or new installations!

Tune-ups involve a routine checkup of your system. Our technician will make sure your AC is communicating correctly with your thermostat and bringing you fresh, cool air. We recommend homeowners schedule a tune-up annually so they can make sure their AC is working properly.

A repair usually occurs when a technician finds a problem or some damage with the AC unit. At Bob’s, we repair all makes and models, and our friendly team members know how to explain the problem and solve it! If you hear loud noises coming from your air conditioner, or if you think something may be off, call Bob’s today!

If your air conditioner is on its last legs, we’ll recommend a new AC unit be installed. We’re both a Carrier and Trane dealer, which means we work with top-of-the-line models. A brand-new unit can increase your home’s energy efficiency and bring you peace of mind for years to come. We even offer financing for new units!

Keep calm with the help of the team at Bob’s

You should spend your summer focusing on the fun—the pool days, vacations, and memories with your family. Don’t spend time worrying about your energy bills; instead, leave it to the team at Bob’s to bring you the best HVAC service around. Be the best homeowner you can be and choose the best HVAC team around!