We’re still experiencing some cold nights here in South Louisiana. But, we all know that won’t last. Summer will be here faster than you think, and that’s one of the reasons that spring is the best time to schedule your heat pump tune-up with the team at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We can help you keep your heat pump running right after these chilly winter months.

A spring heat pump tune-up can help keep your heat pump in working condition.In this article, we’ll review some of the reasons you should schedule maintenance this spring. To book your heat pump tune-up, contact our team today.

Why schedule a heat pump tune-up this spring?

Here are just a few of the reasons that heat pump maintenance makes sense for you and your home:

Extend the life of your heat pump

Heat pumps are unique compared to air conditioners and furnaces because they run all throughout the year, cooling your home in the summer and providing heating in the winter months. All that constant running means a lot of extra wear-and-tear on the heat pump relative to systems that just provide summer cooling or winter heating.

The heat pumps we install from Carrier and Trane are built to last. But, you should know that maintenance can greatly extend the lifespan of such systems. The more efficiently and correctly your system works on a daily basis, the less likely it is to experience problems early.

A tune-up can cut down on your energy bills

A heat pump that needs attention will start to need to use more energy to accomplish the same result as one that is running efficiently. The result is a power bill that continues to climb over time, which is something that no homeowner wants to experience.

A sign that your heat pump is already struggling is if you notice it is constantly running and the temperature still never reaches the thermostat setting. A perpetually running system will draw major excess energy and the difference will be felt in your wallet.

You can help prevent or lower repair costs

When you have your heat pump inspected by a trusted, certified technician from our team, we’ll look for signs of routine wear and tear as well as immediate repair needs. Often, if these early signs of aging or damage are addressed when they are found, you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

Call Bob’s to schedule your next seasonal tune-up

Part of ensuring the future stability of your heat pump involves scheduling a tune-up after a season of use. Before the heat of summer begins, contact to head off any issues that might have arisen during the winter months. Contact us today to schedule your heat pump.