Your old furnace has served your home for years. However, it’s starting to need more repairs, work less efficiently, and provide you and your family with less heating than it did when it was new. These are just some of the signs you need a new furnace. By keeping furnace replacement in mind, homeowners here in South Louisiana can avoid the frustration and costs associated with that final furnace breakdown.

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Here are the 5 signs you need a new furnace installed by our team.

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5 signs you need a new furnace

Your current furnace is more than 15 years old

No matter how great a job you do taking care of your furnace, it will not last forever. If your furnace is 15 or close to 15 years old, you’re better off replacing it. Even if the appliance is still functional, start saving up for a new one now. That way, you won’t feel the financial crunch that comes from a sudden breakdown.

You’re constantly paying for repairs

Does it feel as if you’re always paying for repairs to your furnace? If so, your money is better spent on a new furnace that won’t break down as often. Specifically, more than two repairs a year warrants you looking into something new. Repairs costing more than half the price of a new unit is another sign you should upgrade.

Your heating bills are ever-increasing

Mounting heating bills despite the fact you aren’t turning up the thermostat or there hasn’t been a local rate hike point to you needing a new furnace. Older furnaces aren’t as efficient as newer models, meaning they don’t do as good of a job keeping you and your family comfortable. Chances are, you’ll lower your bills by installing a new appliance.

Your home feels unusually dry

Aging furnaces have a hard time keeping the air they pump out humid. Your dry skin and irritated allergies could be the work of your old furnace drawing in dry air from outside. On the other hand, it may be that your humidifier isn’t working as efficiently as it should. Check both to determine where the problem lies.

Your furnace is making strange noises

Furnaces that make noise don’t always need to be replaced. After all, some noise—especially as the furnace starts or stops the heating process—is natural. Light pops are also common: as the heat travels through cold air ducts, they expand and warp, causing settling noises.

However, when you hear a new noise that’s out of the ordinary, that’s when you need to bring in a heating professional to inspect your furnace. Rattling, banging and squeaking are the common noises of malfunctioning furnaces. An older furnace that is making strange sounds is a key sign that you might need to consider replacing it in the near future.

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