When the weather turns cold, you’ll be extra grateful for your heating system. Although Southern Louisiana is blessed with relatively mild winters, it’s still important that all parts of your HVAC system function properly. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen, and you’re faced with some of the most-common heating problems homeowners here encounter.

If you do experience one of these common heating issues, be sure to contact the experienced, local professionals at Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning for 24/7 heating repair here in South Louisiana. Our techs are ready to help!

The 5 most-common heating problems homeowner encounter

1. Constant cycling

Furnace is cycling on and off, running constantly, or not blowing hot air: This could be an indication that your air filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. It could also occur if your thermostat was accidentally knocked to the wrong setting. If your thermostat is not working at all, you’ll have to replace it.

Most-Common Heating Problems

When you encounter one of the most-common heating problems, you’ll want to call Bob’s for 24/7 emergency repair here in South Louisiana.

2. Noisy heating system

If your heating system is making a lot of noise, it’s likely due to a loose or incorrectly placed part. Checking that bolts, nuts, and screws are tight and that filters are inserted properly usually takes care of this problem.

3. No air

If no air is coming out of your heater, then you’ll need to inspect your power source, motor, and pilot light. Any issues with these components will need to be handled by a professional repair technician.

4. Inconsistent heating throughout house

Sometimes, hot and cold spots emerge because of a home’s design. However, it could also indicate inefficiency in the system. Old units or dirty coils and filters could cause airflow to be inconsistent.

5. Sudden changes in your heating bills

Most people know a general range or average for their energy bills. If this changes dramatically, it could be an indication that you need to call our team for maintenance or repair.

What causes many of these issues?

Most common heating problems have a few sources:

  • dirty or clogged filters
  • general wear-and-tear
  • thermostat malfunction
  • user error

While you might be able to fix some of these issues on your own, some of them will require professional help.

Having problems with your heating system?

At Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been helping Southern Louisiana with their heating repair needs since 1965. We provide 24/7 emergency service, experienced NATE-certified technicians, honest pricing, and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re dealing with one of these common heating problems, contact us today.