Air conditioner units are put to test during the summer months in Louisiana. Due to continuous usage of the air conditioner unit, it’s not uncommon for issues to develop with the cooling device. One of these problems is AC duct condensation.

While this does not seem like a serious issue, the fact is that—if left unresolved—it could lead to major problems. In this article, we will explain how condensation develops on the ductwork, and why it’s important to resolve the issue by hiring a professional air conditioner technician from Bob’s.

AC duct condensation can develop for many different reasons. One of the main reasons that condensation develops on the ductwork is when the cool air in the ducts come into contact with more humid and warm outside air.

This commonly occurs due to improperly sealed openings, inadequate insulation around the ductwork, or leaks in the duct from where warm air enters the ducts.

Why it’s important to resolve AC duct condensation

Condensation of the ductworks is something that should not be treated lightly. Accumulation of moisture on the ducts can lead to many problems. As moisture develops on the ducts, it can lead to secondary issues as well.

The first problem is what the water will drip off into the insulation. This will reduce the R-value of the material and hence its ability to properly insulate the ducts. Another problem with condensation in the ductwork is that the water can leak to the ceilings. Eventually, water will rot the drywall and even cause the ceiling to collapse.

Lastly, constant moisture around the ducts will contribute to the formation of toxic mold and mildew. This can create a great health hazard for the residents. What’s worse is that the property value will go down as well so you will have trouble selling the property at top dollar.

The bottom-line: Schedule an AC tune-up

The discussion in this article will have made you realize the importance of addressing AC duct condensation problems. However, most people either don’t think that condensation of the ducts is an issue or don’t know whether there is a problem.

Regular inspection of the air conditioner is the solution that can help in early detection and resolution of condensation problems. This is more of a problem in southern states where humidity levels are generally high. Residents are advised to call a professional to check the system and find out whether any repairs are required to resolve the condensation problem.

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