A number of issues can result in your air conditioner breaking down. One of the most common problems, however, is AC compressor failure. In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips for why compressors fail.

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What is the AC compressor?

Compressors pump the refrigerant so that it moves through the air conditioning unit. They can generate hundred pounds per square inch of internal pressure, and run up to several hundred degrees.

Here are five common reasons that your air conditioner compressor can fail.

1. Dirty condenser coils

Dirt, dust, and mineral deposits can accumulate on the condenser coil over time. The dirty coils prevent heat from being expelled from the system. Dirty coils lead to a buildup of pressure inside the unit. As a result, the compressor constantly runs at a high temperature—and eventually breaks down.

2. Clogged refrigerant lines

The compressor pumps the refrigerant through the system. Clogged refrigerant lines can lead to a buildup of increased pressure within the unit. This ultimately results in the temperature rising and an AC compressor failure.

3. Too much or too little refrigerant

Too much or too little refrigerant is equally bad for the air conditioning unit. The refrigerant becomes low in case it leaks through a hole. Low refrigerant makes the system work harder to pump the refrigerant through the unit. This can strain the system that eventually leads to a breakdown of the compressor.

Placing too much refrigerant inside the unit can also lead to AC compressor failure. High refrigerant levels inside the unit makes the compressor work harder, which will ultimately lead to system failure.

4. Improper lubricant

The lubricant is important for proper functioning of the compressor. Improper lubricant results in the system working harder to pump the refrigerant through the system. This results in the breakdown of the air conditioner compressor.

5. Electricity problems

Air compressor can become damaged due to electricity problems such as over or under voltage. Once the compressor becomes damaged due to an electrical problem, replacement is generally the only option. Damaged wiring can also lead to failure of the air compressor.

How do you prevent compressor failure?

The air conditioner compressor failure can cause a big dent on the wallets. Compressors are expensive to repair or replace. Fortunately, more than 80 percent of the compressor problems are preventable.

Regular servicing and maintenance by the professional technicians at Bob’s can reduce the chances of a compressor failure.

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